2021 Live


  • Brenda Tarmann

    Hi this is my very first time just was excepted into poweraddmall group on 5/29/2022 never ever watched live stream I don’t even know how to to do it! If anyone has the time to show me the ropes on how the group does there thing it would be greatly appreciated looking forward hearing from poweraddmall member Thanks so much 💋 XOXO

  • Carla Whitaker

    Not sure how this works but looking forward to it

  • Tina

    I have been with you all for some years this is the first time I seen live shows live watch and learn stuff about Your culture and your holidays thanks for sharing with us I hope you all have a great day see you at the live tonight if I can stay awake

  • Tina

    I have been a mem

  • Carol Cortez

    Awaiting the 2022 Calemdar for Libe Shows! Can’t wait to get the Year started with Poweradd!!

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