10 Best Things To Buy Under $10 On Poweraddmall

I’d say I receive at least 2-3 shipments from Poweraddmall every single week. In addition to purchasing all my housewares, home decoration and holiday gifts. I’ve watched all Poweraddmall Live show more than one year. Poweraddmall is heaven on earth for the modern shopper, because in addition to reliable quality and competitive pricing, you’ve also got great customer service and products that actually truly work. Here are the best Poweraddmall products I’ve found and used that you can purchase for $10 or less, from Home Appliances to Phones Accessories.

1. A Great Gift For Thanksgiving, Christmas-Thanksgiving Plush Turkey Hat, $9.99

Turkey Hat,
This cap features a vivid and lovely turkey pattern. A nice gift for friends and kids on Thanksgiving Day. The plush Thanksgiving hat is of sturdy construction with plump legs and wings; It has a roomy interior and comes down over ears for stability.

Reviewers say: "I bought this Plush Turkey hat for My kids to celebrate their birthdays. Every kid at the party love it and want to steal it."

2. The Greatest Decoration-LED Rose Flower String Lights, $5.99

-LED Rose Flower String Lights

The flowers are soft design and pretty sturdy, Micro LED is super bright with a holiday atmosphere. The LED bulb creates a 360°sparkling glowing. The effect is much better than the incandescent lights. No radiation, no pollution, eye protection.

Reviewers say: "Wish I could give it 10 stars. Super pretty I wish was a tiny bit longer but overall super gorgeous I hung them on the top of my curtains its relaxing and pretty when u shut ur lights off at night and they look realistic."

3.Provide The Most Comfortable Exercise Experience-Jumping Rope,$7.99

Jumping Rope

The soft handle and non-slip sweat absorber can keep the palms dry. Weight-bearing skipping rope makes every exercise comfortable and safe.

Reviewers say: "This jump rope is very nice! It's very high quality! I highly recommend it!"

4. A Good Helper To Remove Dust And Pet Hair-Portable Lint Remover, $7.99

Portable Lint Remover

As a pet hair remover, it easily removes pet hair, bread crumbs, lint, etc. without leaving a sticky residue. Ideal for cleaning clothes, bedding, furniture, and car interiors.

Reviewers say: "It is really a good tool to keep your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look."

5. Reducing Plastic Wrap Use And Keep Food Easy To Store-Silicone Bowl Covers, $7.39

Silicone Bowl Covers

6PCS per set in different diameters, close fit o round, elliptical, & even odd-shaped containers. 100% imported eco-friendly silicone, harmless, non-toxic.

Reviewers say: "Because of the excellent stretch and strength, one size can be used for many purposes. Be more step to a plastic free world!"

6. A Great Helper In The Kitchen-Stainless Steel 3 Cup Flour Sifter,$9.79

Stainless Steel 3 Cup Flour Sifter
With 2 wire agitators and stainless steel mesh screen,sifting is effortless and simple. Ideal for the efficient handling of different types of flour or fine and coarse ingredients.

Reviewers say: "Polished body, sturdy texture, wood handle last longer than plastic."

7. Back Up Your Whole Family Device Of The Battery- 3 PCS Lightning Cable, $3.99

Lightning Cable
Built-In Chip-set ensures a faster charging time while keeping your device completely safe. High-quality core wires enhance the charging & data transfer speed of the iPhone charging cables.

Reviewers say: "Great value! They do the job. I like the length, pretty good size so you dont have to be tied to one spot while charging."

8. Time Saving And Force Saving-12V Car Heated Auto Electric Ice Scraper,$9.99

Car Heated Auto Electric Ice Scraper

Our upgraded electric heated scraper is specially designed to help you remove ice and snow on your car body timely, quickly, and easily to ensure safe and pleasurable driving in winter. 

Reviewers say: "Compared to traditional ice scraper and snow brush which will spend a long time to finish the cleaning job, this upgraded scraper adopting a heated design to melt thick ice and snow can effectively save your time and force on cold days."

9. The Greatest Car Mount-360° Strong Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mount,$7.59

Car Cell Phone Mount

Vena DASH-M dashboard magnetic car mount has a rotatable ball joint that twists so you can view your device at your preferred angle. Also comes with an extension piece, so you can extend the base mount for optimal viewing angle.

Reviewers say: "I really like this mount, this is actually my second time purchasing after my brother recommended it. Small enough to be unobtrusive, good sticking power, sturdy. The magnet is very strong."

10. Perfect Artificial Christmas Decoration-10x Artificial Christmas Glitter Flowers, $9.29

Christmas Glitter Flowers

Place them on your Christmas tree to fill in the bare spots and add a little bling and shine. Add to your holiday wreath, garland, or swag for a striking focal point.

Reviewers say: "Nice decoration of Christmas party. Add romance to your home or party."


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  • Joni Caraway

    Amazing products and very affordable!

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